The Mission Statement

The Goal:

To determine what is best for the brand The TooSawft Show.


The Youtube Channel, Merchandise, Website, The whole company in itself.  We here at The TooSawft show may be small and may be few in numbers but we will thrive. I the owner and creator of The TooSawft Show have a dream. That dream is to build a company from the ground up. This may never be a corporation but I have big plans in store for The TooSawft Show Brand.

The Youtube content, Graphic Design work and Podcasts are all ideas that I have to start this company as well as taking that Graphic Design work and using it on my own Merchandise.

This is just a small mission statement to you my Friends, Family, Supporters and Fans....

Without all of you, there is no TooSawft Show Brand.


Thank you all for everything from the bottom of my heart.

Every single one of you truly are my whole world.

Eric Norwood

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